Jocelyn Wong-Rolle offers custom estate planning services for individuals and families.

Provide for yourself in case of incapacity, take care of loved ones, avoid the cost and delay of probate, ease transitions and minimize taxes.

Jocelyn provides reasonable rates, caring, personalized and confidential services including estate planning, trust administration, and probate. She is an ARAG insurance provider and Legal Shield provider.

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Services Provided

Estate Planning

Planning for yourself and your family in case of your loss of mental and/or physical capacity or death.


Contains your last wishes for your children and your estate after your death.

Durable Powers of Attorney

Effective either immediately or upon incapacity for finances and healthcare, even if you become incapacitated, until your death.


Created to hold all your assets for your use while alive, and then for their disposition after your death. You name trusted people to handle your estate in case you no longer want or cannot manage on your own.

Trust Administration

The actual winding up of the estate of a deceased person with a trust. Legal requirements of disclosure and fiduciary requirements of investment and accounting need to be followed.


Estates of persons either with a will but no trust, or no will or trust, or an under funded or empty trust must be overseen by the court for an orderly transition. Probate costs are set by California statute, as are the forms and processes such as filing, fees, bond, notice, publication etc.



I recently had the pleasure of working with an attorney, Jocelyn Wong-Rolle. who put together a will and estate plan for my mother. Jocelyn was gentle, patient, really thorough and conscientious, very intelligent, and strategic. She approached what can be a tedious and painful process with so much compassion. I would highly recommend Jocelyn for any estate planning needs you may have. Feel free to write me if you have questions.
— Jamie Woolf,