A physician’s order for life sustaining treatment (POLST). Your wishes, spelled out and signed by your physician regarding what treatments you do and do not want. This bright pink paper needs to be readily accessible, preferably on your bed and clearly visible:


DNR Orders

A do not resuscitate order (DNR) is required if you do not want to be resuscitated. You need a DNR in order for first responders not to perform life sustaining measures.

Explanation of standard of care during an emergency:

Standard of Care

California Medical Association Emergency Medical Services prehospital do not resuscitate (DNR) Form:


CA Statutory Healthcare Directive

California Medical Association Healthcare Directive Kit (available to purchase):

Advanced Health Care Directive Kit

California Statutory Healthcare Directive Form:

Statutory Healthcare Directive Form (pdf)

Kaiser Forms

Kaiser Advanced Health Care Directive (page by page guide with annotations):

Advanced Health Care Directive Annotated Guide

Kaiser Advanced Health Care Directive Form (pdf):

Advanced Health Care Directive Form pdf

“How Doctors Die”

Article by Dr. Ken Murray, “How Doctors Die: It’s not like the rest of us, but it should be”:

How Doctors Die

California Probate Code

CA Probate Code § 6401